Blog 1 - The Beginning From The Middle

December 4, 2019

I’m not much of a writer. Not much of reader too. Guess I’ll start a blog. What’s the worst that can happen? 

If you don’t know about me and you’ve somehow managed to come across this odd part of the internet well, hello. I’m Johnny. Here is where I stand at the moment. I’m currently between jobs which, although sounds only slightly better than unemployed, does mean that I have an annoying amount of time on my hands. That coupled with the fact that I have a partial tear in my ACL, pictured below, means again, I have little to do other than apply for jobs and wait for them to get back to me (or most of the time not). I guess with lots of time and not much to entertain myself, a blog is a step in the right direction. I’ll be using it to track my progress with employment as well as a record for my reconstructive knee surgery and rehabilitation. Posting whenever something interesting happens. Enjoy.