Blog 11- Interactions

February 14, 2020

On Monday lunchtime, I was going for food. I wandered around the city centre and with the mindset of a healthy salad or hearty soup, I caved in and went for a KFC. It was an average KFC; food that doesn’t require any more review or mention other than that. What does require a mention, was the guy cleaning tables. I’d describe him as maybe late 30’s, early 40’s, and I could also argue he is one of the most humble and caring individuals to ever grace a billion-dollar fast-food chain. Why? He springs around with a permanent smile slapped on his face; a genuine joy to watch work. A man who works as if he was born to do it, picking up crumbs of batter off of the busy floor with not a care in the world. He scans the room and knows what you need- clearing your table just as you thought about moving your tray to the bin. Don’t worry; he’s there- and he’s brought a smile. I tucked into my third greasy chicken breast and he came over, knowing what I needed- he keeps those lemon-scented napkins in his back pocket to give to those who need it, and oh I did. I reacted with a thank you, a soft smile and a hand on my heart- watching him warmed me a little bit. I finished up, washed my hands, gathered my things and left, thanking him as I was opening the door. He smiled and then threw me the same soft smile and a hand on my heart I had given to him. Thank you, sir. You are a genuinely lovely man.