Blog 2 - "Time Not Necessarily Wasted”

December 20, 2019

Not getting a job doesn’t necessarily mean failing the interview; which although sounds absolutely ludicrous, seemed to be my case for this Fintech. A hotel in Edinburgh was the scene for Thursday as I met with the interviewer that I had last Monday for what I thought would be coffee and some constructive criticism. Somehow, I was met with nothing but annoying praise. I don’t want praise- I want to improve. If all I can get is compliments about my interview process then I was either unlucky (which is a bad card to play) or the system is broken (something we already know but just another confirmation). None-the-less, he was lovely and although I didn’t leave with a job, I left with a couple of things to do in my spare time to aid my BI employability and a friendly LinkedIn connection who may help me in the future if I’m lucky. Time not necessarily wasted.