Blog 3 – “Try to hit the ground running.”

Blog 3 – “Try To Hit The Ground Running.”

December 20, 2019

After a little period of having the flu and some website hosting troubles, I’m back with an update.

The job market has pretty much shut down for Christmas, as expected. To summaries since the last time I blogged, I’ve had 2 replies: 1 rejection and 1 interview scheduled- it would have been for before Christmas but I was too ill to attend the interview. At least now I have something to work towards when the new year comes.

As for the knee, returning to the gym is tough. My strength isn’t what it used to be. My cardio isn’t what it used to be. My flexibility isn’t what it used to be. Motivation is tough and it feels like I’m starting from the beginning. I tried running for the first time since the injury but it irritated me on every step and, apparently, you’re not supposed to run on it as it can damage the cartilage- lesson learned.

I’m back home for Christmas now and although it will be annoying when each extended the family member ask ‘So what are you doing’, at least I’ll get some pretty good food over the period. The only thing I can do is to take the period as a rest stop, get to the new year and smash out the applications and ‘pre-covery’ in the new year. Try to hit the ground running, I guess.