Blog 4 – “Improving already?”

January 3, 2020

Being back home for the holidays is always a weird experience. Seeing friends you’ve known for a decade and slipping back into an old habits and routines. I feel you never know how much you need to go home until you go home, and then how you almost need to get sick of it to go back to your regular day-to-day. Anyways, I had a lovely Christmas; always an odd experience with my Dad’s side of the family. I could go further, but I guess leaving it at ‘clitoris sweets at the dinner table’ is all that really needs to be said. Very odd and very funny side of the family. My New Years was a blast too. I travelled all the way down to London with some old friends, had a couple of drinks and chatted and partied my way into the New Year. Couldn’t ask for anything more. The kind of start to the year that is getting me excited for things to come. Speaking of which: I can already feel the job market picking up as companies want to make changes for the year ahead so I’ve already sent though a handful of applications. My first interview is on the 7th with the tech firm I had a phone interview for in December. Dare I say, are things improving already? As for the old knee, no sign of a surgery date as of yet and the ease of lying on the couch at home and mooching off  the free food is definitely going to make things a little difficult in getting into some type of ‘pre-covery’ routine when I get back. I definitely feel weaker and I want to run. I really want to run. I can’t wait to get back up to Scotland to start exercising properly and get things (both figuratively and literally) moving again.  Shoutout to anyone new who decides to look at the thoughts.