Blog 5 – “Yes!…and definitely no”

January 10, 2020

Both annoyingly and disappointingly, my ‘utopia of a thousand jobs in the new year’ isn’t as expected. There are a few more pottering around verses before the break but there’s not significantly more. I assumed I would be spending a lot more time looking but there doesn’t seem to be as much out there as I thought. Maybe it’s another pre-Brexit thing? Regardless, I power on and look forward. I had an interview today you see. 

The big question- how do I think it went? Yes!…and definitely no. I was kind of all over the place. Some of my answers were well-rehearsed, intellectual, inquisitive and powerful whereas some, I honestly think I came off as a bit of a loud bumbling idiot. This was the same for the practical test where some answers were well done and in others, my brain decided not to work. On the bright side, I think they liked me. I will always say, surely it’s a good sign when your interviewer and you share a giggle but I guess only time will tell. They seemed like very lovely people and I will be very grateful to work for a team that smiles a lot. Wish me luck. 

As for the knee, I think motivation in finding a job and getting into a 9-to-5 routine is becoming my main priority at the expense of the knee. I don’t want to go to the gym because I want to keep looking. I don’t want to go to the physio because I want to keep looking. As the date of my surgery is coming closer (although still a mystery), I find myself less and less interested in any sort of pre-covery and more about the job ahead. It’s probably not great for the long term recovery but it’s a mind-frame I’m in- I’m hungry for a job.