Blog 7 - So.

January 14, 2020

I got the job. 

Better start working on that knee. 

More information will follow, just let me celebrate. 

  [EDIT] – January 20th, 2020  

I got the frickin job. And yeah- I’ll admit it. I’m bloody happy. So happy that I was literally dancing around the room as he told me I’d gotten it. If I had known that to get your first job, it would have required over 60 companies, a 6-month unpaid training contract, 2 months of unemployment, phone interviews and phone screenings and interviews that involve tests- then maybe I would have approached things just a little differently. Maybe.

This week will be spent relaxing and enjoying the sweet freedom of unemployment for the last time before I start my new job, which feels good to say every time. I will be working as an Associate Business Intelligence Developer at Monster Worldwide; everyone I have met working for this company has been nothing short of delightful so when I start on the 27th, dare I say, I’m expecting good if not great things.